Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Diet Coke-less for 24 hours and counting...

I am pleased to report I had my first Diet Coke-less lunch today. Then after lunch, I was jonesin' an iced coffee so I went and got one and then at the "fixin's" counter NEARLY put an artificial sweetener in...DOH!! Luckily, I caught this bad habit and replaced it with sugar in the raw just in the nick of time. (YUMMMM)

Let me know if you are also trying to kick the artificial sweeteners and how it is going for you.


CinnamonJenkinz said...

Well done! xo

Sarah Elizabeth Foster said...

I have a recommendation for people with diabetes, or people who want tons of sweetness all the time and don't want to get diabetes.

Agave is DELICIOUS and very low on the glycemic index. It is totally natural and comes from the agave plant (just like tequila!). It has a neutral sweet taste. I get my organic raw agave syrup from health food stores.

One of my favorite organic restaurants, Le Pain Quotidien, uses agave nectar to sweeten their lemonade and fresh mint lemonade. It is the best lemonade ever on the face of the earth!!!!!

And here's a fun everyday recipe I make...
take one non-gluten bagel, toast it, put sliced avocado on top, drizzle with agave syrup, and sprinkle with sea salt.