Thursday, January 8, 2009

No Matter How Cute Your Tush Is, You Shouldnt Cut Down A Tree To Keep It Clean!!

I have been away for a very long time and I am sorry to have abandoned you, my loyal readers. Fear not! I am back and better than ever. I can't promise a blog every day, but I promise that whenever I see something notable relating to the environment, I will spread the word.

I was talking to a friend a couple of days ago about recycled toilet paper. We both use it, but were discussing how people seemed to be grossed out by the concept. We decided that people must wrongly think that it is recycled from used toilet paper? I dunno!?!? If anyone can shed some light on this matter, that would be great.

The reality is, recycled TP is made from recycled paper. No, you don't feel like you are wiping your butt with a cloud and a choir of cherubs won't sing when you use it, but you are not cutting down virgin trees in order to flush it right down the toilet. In other words, it gets the job done. Here are some stats I found on recycled TP and how this ONE tiny change can have a big impact:

If every household in America switched out just ONE roll of regular TP for recycled TP, we would:

Save 470,000 trees,
Use 1.2 million cubic feet LESS landfill space
Save about 169 million gallons of water
It is the responsible and right thing to do. I use Seventh Generation and I really like it (pictured above).

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hawaii, THE Better Place?

Find more photos like this on Planet Better Place

I came across this great article about a newish company called A Better Place, dedicated to installing recharge facilities worldwide which will make owning and driving an electric car feasible thus eliminating our dependence on oil.

They have chosen Hawaii as the first state in which to build these recharging stations. The power they use to recharge the battery is from wind or solar power so that their dependence on oil is ZERO!

They are a company that began in Israel and then spread to Denmark and Australia. The Founder and CEO, Shai Agassi has a blog called The Long Tailpipe.

Check 'em out!

Monday, November 24, 2008

TerraCycle Inc.

I came across this organization called Terracycle. They take all sorts of trash/recycleables and refilles them with worm compost and sells them to use as plant food. They also have sponsorships for each different item you can send in and you can choose to donate the money you would receive to a school or the Adopt A Classroom project.

My office building doesnt recycle and it pains me to throw away the many water bottles we all collect (we have no water fountain or water cooler so bottled water is really the only option). I have been keeping these bottles under my desk and have accumulated about 100 of them. I just became a member of the bottle brigade and I am awaiting boxed with pre paid UPS labels. All I have to do is fill the boxes with the de-labeled bottles and BAM! I have my leg room back, I am sending the bottles off to be reused AND the proceeds from the bottles are going to help a school. That's what I call efficient & sustainable!!

Also, it looks like this program is in desparate need of a sponsor. If you or your ocmpany would like to do something to really feel proud of, go here

Monday, November 10, 2008

Al Gore wrote an Op-Ed piece in the New York Times yesterday which included an inspiring 5 point plan for reversing the damage we have done to our Environment which he directed to Barack Obama. I found it motivating and hopeful. Click on the excerpt below to be directed to the full article.

To those who are still tempted to dismiss the increasingly urgent alarms from scientists around the world, ignore the melting of the north polar ice cap and all of the other apocalyptic warnings from the planet itself, and who roll their eyes at the very mention of this existential threat to the future of the human species, please wake up. Our children and grandchildren need you to hear and recognize the truth of our situation, before it is too late.

The Carbon Quotient Project

Goggle is asking people, with innovative ideas regarding the environment, to enter a contest. I am getting all of the details about the contest and also more details about one of the entrants, creators of The Carbon Quotient Project.

This video will give you a 30 second look at what the Carbon Quotient ranking system will offer consumers. It is virtually impossible to know how much environmental cost is attributed to every product you buy (watch the Story of Stuff!). With the Carbon Quotient, you can make informed decisions on products that impact the environment in much the same way that you do when reading calorie labels!

Watch the video, go to the website, and leave comments with any questions you have!

Friday, November 7, 2008

The Sea Turtles Need You!

It has been said by scientists that we know more about the moon than we do about the wide expanse that is the ocean! Can you believe that? That means that the oceans may offer so many undiscovered opportunities for science and medicine. The problem is, our oceans are in trouble. But it isn't too late to reverse the damage done if we act now.

I have been to the Bahamas. I swam with the dolphins and snorkeled amongst the beautiful sea life. The water is so clear it is will actually take your breath away. It always amazes me when places of such pristine beauty totally take their surroundings for granted.

What would our world be like if we had no coral reefs, if we had no fish or sea animals? We don't want to find out how much that would stink after it is too late! It is imperative that we preserve marine ecosystems now. Australia has made it a priority to restore their oceans and as a result the sea life is regenerating much faster than expected!

Apparently, in the Bahamas, it is completely legal to hunt any sea turtle except one species. As turtles are migratory, and the Bahamas is so close to the US, this is going to affect our marine ecosystems. Sign this petition and tell the government in the Bahamas to enact a law that outlaws the killing of all sea turtles. It is about respecting our environment if we want it to be around for future generations to enjoy!