Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mad As Cheese...or, uh, Water!

This is insane. Pretty much the coolest thing I have heard of...ever. So there is a scientist named Denny Klein who discovered that you can produce electricity from H2O which he converts to HHO...yes, WATER!! CONVERTED! He is currently in the process of working with a major car company to make a car run on regular tap water and working with the government to create a Hummer for the US Army. On a 100 mile trip, he uses 4 ounces of water. I SWEAR! Here's a link to a news story that was done on him and his ground breaking discovery. Stick it out until 1:30 minutes because that is when he starts discussing how his discovery can be applied to cars:

Here is a link to his website where he will take you through the steps of converting your car. So, why isn't the general public being informed about this technique? Well, I know in NY, the government gets their money to upkeep and repair the roads from gasoline tax. I am thinking it is similar everywhere else. Until they find a substitute method for getting that money, they are unlikely to publicize this process. SCANDALOUS!!

That won't stop us from learning about it though, thanks to You Tube. Really incredible discovery!! Science rules!


John K. said...

You can't get someting from nothing. I have no doubt that this guy's car does indeed run on water (hydrogen). The thing they don't show you in the clip is the generator in the back of his car that uses masses amounts of energy to make this process possible. You ask why haven't we seen this on mainstream TV? We have (atleast on Reuters)...a Japanese guy already came up with this concept

The problem is it's not energy efficient (not yet atleast). There are many solutions to stray away from oil but the problem is none of them are practical. Just like this one. No scandal here....sorry.

Danielle said...

Your points are valid and may be true. My point is that it is pretty exciting and cool that people are exploring other means of energizing their cars besides gasoline. Denny Klein powers his car, successfully using water and maybe if it does require some kind of hybrid/electricity component, car manufacturers can integrate that into the design of their cars in the future.