Friday, November 7, 2008

The Sea Turtles Need You!

It has been said by scientists that we know more about the moon than we do about the wide expanse that is the ocean! Can you believe that? That means that the oceans may offer so many undiscovered opportunities for science and medicine. The problem is, our oceans are in trouble. But it isn't too late to reverse the damage done if we act now.

I have been to the Bahamas. I swam with the dolphins and snorkeled amongst the beautiful sea life. The water is so clear it is will actually take your breath away. It always amazes me when places of such pristine beauty totally take their surroundings for granted.

What would our world be like if we had no coral reefs, if we had no fish or sea animals? We don't want to find out how much that would stink after it is too late! It is imperative that we preserve marine ecosystems now. Australia has made it a priority to restore their oceans and as a result the sea life is regenerating much faster than expected!

Apparently, in the Bahamas, it is completely legal to hunt any sea turtle except one species. As turtles are migratory, and the Bahamas is so close to the US, this is going to affect our marine ecosystems. Sign this petition and tell the government in the Bahamas to enact a law that outlaws the killing of all sea turtles. It is about respecting our environment if we want it to be around for future generations to enjoy!