Thursday, January 8, 2009

No Matter How Cute Your Tush Is, You Shouldnt Cut Down A Tree To Keep It Clean!!

I have been away for a very long time and I am sorry to have abandoned you, my loyal readers. Fear not! I am back and better than ever. I can't promise a blog every day, but I promise that whenever I see something notable relating to the environment, I will spread the word.

I was talking to a friend a couple of days ago about recycled toilet paper. We both use it, but were discussing how people seemed to be grossed out by the concept. We decided that people must wrongly think that it is recycled from used toilet paper? I dunno!?!? If anyone can shed some light on this matter, that would be great.

The reality is, recycled TP is made from recycled paper. No, you don't feel like you are wiping your butt with a cloud and a choir of cherubs won't sing when you use it, but you are not cutting down virgin trees in order to flush it right down the toilet. In other words, it gets the job done. Here are some stats I found on recycled TP and how this ONE tiny change can have a big impact:

If every household in America switched out just ONE roll of regular TP for recycled TP, we would:

Save 470,000 trees,
Use 1.2 million cubic feet LESS landfill space
Save about 169 million gallons of water
It is the responsible and right thing to do. I use Seventh Generation and I really like it (pictured above).