Monday, July 21, 2008

Step 1: Get a tote bag!

How many plastic bags do I get in one day? Today, so far, 4, and this day isn't even over yet! Here's the plastic baggy breakdown:

1) Plastic bag in which to carry my lunch from the salad place to my desk
2) Plastic bag from the shoe repair shop to carry my fabulously resoled shoes
3) Plastic bag from Sid's Bike Shop for some bike accessories
4) Plastic bag from Sports Authority for some excellent biking threads to cruise around NYC in

Last week, while checking out the brand new Whole Foods that opened up across the street from my apartment, I saw this lovely display of tote bags. It was like a colorful tote bag mountain that called my name to remove plastic bags from my life. I bought one pack of 2 bags for $3.00. I keep one folded up in the side pocket of my purse so I can reject every plastic bag offer I get. The tote bag is pretty big (and purple-y)...big enough to fit everything in my aforementioned list of stuff!

This switch is easier than I ever anticipated greening it up would be. It just takes one moment of forethought and BAM! less waste already!!

Also, not to mention, Whole Foods give you a $.10 reduction every time you make a purchase and bring your own bag. I know $.10 isn't much but at least I'm getting something back for being good to the Earth. Especially after reading this article:

I realize ANYTHING I can do to reduce my plastic consumption is a good start!!

There are tons of great tote bag sites online. Here's a site I found with some cuties:

Buy a tote and leave me a comment with your experience!

UPDATE: I got a GREAT question from a fellow greenie. This is from Frank who asks: "I don't have a purse so where do I put my reusable tote?". After some research I found these 2 options:

1) Not bulky and small enough to tie in a knot and put in your pocket. mesh-nylon-tote

2) or these which are a little colorful (especially for men) but specifically made to collapse to be pocket sized: resusable shopping bag


Sarah said...

I gotta get me one of those!

CinnamonJenkinz said...

I use those free plastic bags for my dog's poop. Since I am in essence re-using them does that let him off the hook?

Danielle Azoulay said...

ooooooohhh...good idea for a post! greening up my doggy! I'll post about it. PS- I'm not sure even Al Gore would tell you to reuse poop baggies!

Bob Abouey said...

My favorite tote:

Folds into itself into a fist sized oval, and has a little carabiner built in so you can strap it to a bag, belt, baby stroller, etc.

Nice blog D!

joan said...

Can't remember which gift-giving occasion, but a friend included a Whole Foods fold-up cloth bag among all the goodies, which I keep in my purse. A great idea! I have to admit I do get plastic bags from the grocery store - just enough to use in my little NY apartment trash can.