Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What Exactly Are You Air Conditioning, Mr. Singh?

So this is my favorite lunch spot. It is called Simply Food and it has salads and sandwiches and they are all "make your own" style. The best part is everything is ORGANIC!! YESSSSSSS!!

When I first found it, I couldn't believe my luck. Whether or not you make an effort to eat organic foods, you can't argue the fact that food WITHOUT pesticides are preferable to foods WITH pesticides. As it is across the street from my office and no more expensive than the other not organic option, I choose Simply Food.

The bad news: They are giant energy wasters! Why do stores keep their doors open? Is it because people are so lazy that the extra energy exerted to open the door will change people's minds about going there? It's so weird.

So, I placed a call to the "big boss", Mr. Singh. Apparently he is only there in the mornings from 9:00am-11:00am so I will be calling him tomorrow. Having an organic store isn't only about healthful foods but also BEING organic....duh! Get with the program Mr. Singh!

I'll let you know the outcome.

Have you ever wondered why stores do this? Send me your thoughts!!


Sarah Elizabeth Foster said...

I of course agree with you. I think the stores do it because sweltering hot people on the street will feel the cool breeze and come in. But I'm sure if a couple of different people gave them a hard time they would stop.

I go to an amazing vegan restaurant and juice bar in the West Village and they use paper plates and plastic utensils that they don't recycle. What about that!

I mentioned to the cashier (who seemed like the owner) that I would go there more if they didn't do that, and she said some people did bring their own cups for getting juice to go. It's nice to know that other customers were bringing their own reusable cups. And now she knows my opinion on the matter.

So people shouldn't be afraid to mention these things to store owners in non-confrontational ways!