Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Was Just Sucked In!

Upon departing my office building to go grab a salad for lunch, I was stopped by the cheery-est, friendliest, and perkiest Greenpeace canvasser that I just had to stop. After a quick chat about my blog and Bike Stop and her background (she is an environmental activist who spoke before Congress last year!) I became a member. I couldn't say no!

When I was 12, I had a Bat Mitzvah. It is tradition to have a candle lighting ceremony to recognize family members and thank them for their impact on your life and their help in molding you into a productive human being. I, however, used this as a platform to discuss the causes that were important to me. I remember dedicating a candle to Greenpeace, ending world hunger, preserving the rain forest and a few other causes. Its true....I'm a nerd....

And that is why Greenpeace holds a special place in my heart. If you want to become a member visit their website . If we dont support this, and other great organizations like it, they will go bankrupt, as Greenpeace almost did a couple of years ago (more info from the canvasser!). I, for one, am happy that they are still around!!


Sarah Elizabeth Foster said...

That is so crazy! The exact same thing happened to Nancy and I in LA walking down Robertson Blvd. trying to see famous people in the Ivy. I ended up signing up Studio Sarah Records to donate money! The guy that signed us up could not believe how ecofriendly we already were, he said we made his day. It was great. I guess their street team people are not just hired help, pretty impressive GreanPeace!