Thursday, August 7, 2008

Beware: Killer Deodorant!

Does your deodorant have aluminum? Mine did until I recently switched brands. What's the big deal about aluminum in deodorant? Well, aluminum is a neurotoxin which means it has a chemical in it that attacks your brain... FUN! Check it out:

Aluminum chloride, an aluminum salt that is commonly used in antiperspirants, is also commonly used in studies on aluminum-induced neurotoxicity. Aluminum itself adversely affects the blood-brain barrier, it is capable of causing DNA damage, and has adverse epigenetic effects. Research has shown that the aluminum salts used in antiperspirants have detrimental effects to a number of species such as non-human primates, mice, dogs and others. An increased amount of aluminum is also present in the brains of many Alzheimer's patients, although this link does not seem to be causal. An experiment with mice found that applying an aqueous solution of aluminum chloride to the skin resulted in "a significant increase in urine, serum, and whole brain aluminum." Other experiments on pregnant mice showed transplacental passage of aluminum chloride

UMMMM...WHAT? How this is even allowed to even be sold in stores, is beyond me. We are in a sad state where we really have to check all labels to make sure that there are no ingredients that will attack our brains and give us weird diseases in the products we buy. Incredible!

So what do we do in order to not smell while also staying dry? Buy natural deodorant. Your body will adapt and you will sweat less. Also, sweat is natural so at the end of the day, who cares? I did an extensive deodorant testing and here are the results. The two best brands are:

Herbal Magic is great except sometimes it gave me an itchy armpit rash after I shaved (too much info?). Tom's of Maine doesn't give me said itchy rash and also actually works. I was a total skeptic. I didn't think natural deodorant would actually work, after all my ancestors wandered in the desert in the hot sun and we all know how stinky a cab in the summer time is...not good. But I gave my body a chance to adapt and now it works! Switching also means that I am protecting my brain from neurotoxins which is a-ok with me! Brains are good. I'd like to keep mine as long as possible.

What deodorant do you use? Give me a shout!


Patricia said...

Thanks for sharing.... will also check my deodorant for aluminum & other toxic chemicals.