Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Guest Blog: Composting

This is so exciting! In an effort to find the best, easiest and most innovative alterations we can make to our lives to be "greener" I am reaching out to a few people that I know who are super green to give their expert perspectives on what great things they are doing, in the hopes that we can incorporate their tips into our lives.

My first guest blog is from singer/songwriter/environmental lover, Sarah Elizabeth Foster. When she isn't writing and recording her first CD she's being green. Composting is one way that she's doing her part to save the planet.

What is composting you ask?

Composting is the aerobic decompostition of biodegradable organic matter, producing compost. It is the decaying of food, mostly vegetables or manure.

In a nutshell, composting is decomposing the organic matter that you produce in order to keep it out of landfills, while also producing the best nutrients to grow a garden. The product Sarah discusses below can be found on Gaiam's website. Here's Sarah's post:

Hello Advocate of Green readers,

My name's Sarah Elizabeth Foster and I'm Danielle's greenest friend! (I hope that's true! If it's on the internet, in a blog, it must be true!) Danielle saw my blog about my indoor composter and wanted me to guest blog about it for her. Here it goes...

Worms have invaded my apartment! Just kidding, I invited them in! I started taking notice of what was going in my trash can, and it was mostly vegetable scraps. I'm trying to eliminate all trash from my apartment, so the vegetable scraps had to be handled.

Here is a picture of the vegetables I juice each morning...

Here are the scraps that are left over...
Here is my indoor composter. You can see a banana peel and some carrot scraps. Can't see the worms? That's because they don't like light. Whenever you open the lid and lift back the moist newspaper they scurry under the surface. Dave and I hate this because we like to watch them eat.
The worms need this moist newspaper on top of them because their habitat must remain moist. After a while they eat the newspaper and then you just replace it.

You would never know there are worms in here. There is no bad smell!

I'm going to have to make this an ongoing blog topic because I'm thinking of tons of things I need to tell you guys about the worms. Stay tuned for more worm blogs!

Thanks Sarah!! I can't wait to hear more about your worms! Leave a comment about what you think of composting.